League of Action
and Advocacy

The Good Life Movement League of Action and Advocacy (GLMLAA) is a nonpartisan mental health collective of community leaders and organizations. We are committed to the interests of the public and those with lived and living experience.

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In the Interest of the Public and the People

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The Good Life Movement League of Action and Advocacy (GLMLAA) is a nonpartisan collective working for the public and the people. We are defined by our commitment to advocacy. Awareness is important, but our members have a radical dedication to deep systemic overhauls that benefit the people.

As a collective, we monitor legislation and institutions. When necessary, activate our networks and lead public campaigns.

We have two memberships. One for community leaders, one for organizations. All members work together but have different asks and offers. Please sign up below.

Community Leader

Community Leader

Membership for individuals.

This can include influencers, pastors, teachers, coaches, chefs, writers, and more.

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Membership for organizations.

This can include non-profits, businesses, podcasts, clubs, churches, sports, and more.

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