HQ Volunteers

Our campaign is volunteer driven. If you are fortunate enough to have spare time, please consider supporting us in our work at HQ. We strive for this work to be rewarding, consistent, and carry recognition if desired.

If you want to help build a movement, email us:

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Social Media Manager

We need someone to help with our social media. A lot of our content is produced by an outside agency, so this job can be pretty easy. Posting finished videos, updates about events, or sharing news articles. If you want to create unique content yourself, though, we 100% welcome it! Our main channels: IG, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter

Event Planning

We need help organizing events. This is straightforward work from finding venues, sponsors, speakers, and day of programming. Most events are based out of NYC right now, but if you lead the charge we'll do any city!

Community Manager

This could be one person or multiple. We will need volunteers to help us lead, train, and educate new members in our Discord, Reddit, Facebook groups etc.

If you want to help, email us:

Email Manager

We need someone to help manage our email campaigns. Ideally, this person would set up 1-4 automated emails for new donors or new subscribers. In a dream world, this person could also help lead the weekly-ish emails to our base. Emails are critical to a healthy marketing funnel and growing this movement!

Policy Briefing

We need someone to help us keep track of what is happening with mental health policy. We are looking for someone with some familiarity to policy or politics, even if its college classes. We have good systems to make this easy!

Media Researcher

We need help sourcing podcasts, media, and other contacts in the media. Our ability to bring this message to the people is literally the most important thing we can do as an organization!

Graphic Designer

This is what you make it. We need a creative friends to help guide us and create designs we will utilize in the day-to-day for social media, print, or merchandise.

Operations Manager

There are a million small tasks to keep up with. Keeping track of projects, or files, or meetings, or what people are doing. If you feel like being thanked for generally thankless work, this is for you :-)

Create Your Own

If you have a distinct skillset such as throwing events, photography, wine making, glass blowing, or teaching dogs how to pass out flyers, let us know. We are young, and nimble, and fun, and would love to work with you.

Just email us your idea!

If you want to help, email us: